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For the Technology review, I chose the website I used to describe common web design mistakes, Useit. The Useit website is run by web guru Jakob Nielsen, and the latest news, guidelines, tips and advice in to making a usable website in todays day and age.

Unfortunately, Useit refuses to abide by it's own guidlines. There is no structure to the site, and links are just listed all over the page in multiple columns and areas. I do not even know where to begin reading this page, or how to find the information I need. There is no organization, and no scheme, featuring a random yellow search bar and one blue box with "news."

The code is almost as goofy as the layout. He uses CSS, but then doesn't take advantage of it at times. The whole thing is very jampacked and hard to read - just too much to look at.

I would rate the information an A, but the website a D. The definition of not practicing what you preach.