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My local website is one near and dear to my heart - the website for MovieStop, where I work as an assistant manager. Before even getting in to the meat of the site, I was already going in with disapointments. Unforutnately, MovieStop, a dvd store where you can buy, sell, and trade, is behind the times when it comes to the web. There is no online store, no inventory search, no way to check trade prices. These are common things for most stores, but at the moment we are lucky just to have a homepage, to be honest.

What is there is pretty straight forward and streamlined. There is information on new releases, some of the current top trade in prices, a store locator and locators for our rental kiosks.

Checking out the code, it appears to be done largely in Dreamweaver and other Adobe products, based on the code from some of my websites I have made using the same methods. Flash is used heavily, including an element where you can slide back and forth to view upcoming movies - it looks cool but it isn't needed, really. A less flashy (no pun intended) website could be made with more content.

Overall, it is a decent start but the website could provide a lot more information to the consumer.