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Okay, okay, I admit it. I am a fan of professional wrestling. Lately, I have gotten in to Florida Championship Wrestling, a local, small company with big power - it is the minor leagues for the WWE. You can go to a small warehouse right on Dale Mabry and sit ring side for $10 every Thursday, and then see people spending hundreds of dollars to see the same wrestlers fight in huge arenas all across the world. As I have been attending the shows, I have used the website a lot frequently to check the schedule, and decided to give it a closer look.

The one thing the FCW site does well is marketing - the website is coated in dates, advertisements and FCW goodies to buy. Unfortunately, it does not have much information. It has a roster page with a small thumbnail of each wrestler and their names, but that is it. Who are these people really? What are their stories? Where do they come from? They could provide a bio for each wrestler and more pictures so that I can understand, and thus enjoy, their product more. Also, there is no information on match results, championship holders, news, upcoming matches, nothing but dates and the very basics. Yes, I want to know WHEN to go, but I also would like to know WHY I should go!

Behind the scenes, I was surprised - this small company that features grown men pretending to fight had the cleanest code out of all of the sites I reviewed. Everything is easy to read, their are comments, and things are identited properly to form a hierarchy and a flow. It could be better, but I expected worse. Color me impressed.

Final verdict - Give the designer a champonship, give the editor the big boot!